BME Global Ltd.

BME Global Ltd. is

  • an international events company
  • a hotel booking agent
  • a stand design studio
  • a video production agency

With our vast experience of organising and managing events throughout the world and sister companies specialising in hotels bookings, stand design and video production we can provide a one-stop-shop for all your event requirements.

Our own events cover key industries such as petrochemicals, water, power, environment, safety, security, construction and renewable energy with a specific focus on the Middle East region. BME events range from large scale tradeshows to much smaller bespoke events such as graduations and inaugurations. See our complete event portfolio.

Have an event that needs managing?
Do you run an event that needs managing or have an idea for an event and need help getting it launched? We would love to hear from you.  See ourextensive client list and managed events for more information.